About us

Two Folk, one small Wildling and a dog name Django.
 When we aren’t living ocean side, you will find us getting rings run around us by the youngest member of the gang, so ultimately that leaves us a sliver of time up our sleeves and that’s where the Django & Co magic happens.
  So a insight of our life, Kurt works away a week at a time and I quit my “proper bank job” you know the one with the stable income a few years back.
So let's rewind many moons ago prior to our small human, I was siting in an office when honestly I got to the point I’d rather watch paint dry and FYI nobody had been painting the walls, so I was kind of at a odds. Seriously though if I had to listen to another old bastard harp on about his low term deposit interest rates I think I was going to bang my head repeatedly into my keyboard. I mean I gave it all my heart when I was at work and dabbled in every position front of house retail banking and stuck it out for 3 years, it just wasn’t filling my soul.
 So what does fill my soul? Let's chat, my dog, other people’s dogs, and just dogs in general.  So I quit my job to do some soul searching, very reckless it got pointed out many times. Anyway lets fast forward a few more moons, we banged out a really cute kid called Indie Florence Asplin, who now takes up a whole bunch of our time but she makes our hearts very full and she really likes dogs thank F.
 So lets get to our goals even though we are a small family who enjoys simple living we have big visions for our 3rdbaby Django & Co. We are starting small but we have every intention of going into one of the niftiest lifestyle dog brands out. Now when it comes to styling and design you will find a lot of our pieces have a minimalism vibe, as we truly believe less is more in most cases. This being said don’t write us off as being boring just yet, on the side we will be releasing bolder statement pieces in the best pantone colors to keep our brand more unique in the market.
 Anyway I could harp on like old Mr. Term Deposit Guy but nobody’s got time for that and I’m not one to butter my own biscuit. So in a summary we truly believe our fur children are an equal part in family life so this means buying them the best of the best. Taking them on the best adventures and living side by side amongst your family.
 All the love
 Django, Indie, Tina & Kurt