Customers outside of Australia, please note that international shipping times may be affected due to covid-19 and local post-service delays. This is however very much out of our personal control.


Made with love in our humble abode.

HAND STAMPED, With a max of 7 letters

Size - 35mm wide
Material - Solid brass

Tags currently come with a large Solid brass & a smaller keyring for you to attach.

Worthy mentions - Please read.

Turn around to be posted is a max of 10 business days. So 1-2 weeks

Free untracked shipping worldwide.

However, we recommend paying for tracked shipping which is a lot faster and we will replace it if it goes walkabouts. Untracked is free but it's a very risk it, for the biscuit method and we can't track it once shipped.

Also if you pay for two numbers & only provide us one number we will assume you only wanted one number and refunded the second you paid for.

Now let's chat metal.
Metal will corrode over time - salt, air & water will speed up that process. Also try and avoid fondling the tag as oil from your hands will leave tarnishing.

You can get it back to life with a bit of tom sauce and super fine grit steel wool.
If the black stamp needs freshened up use a sharpie to scribble over the stamped area only. immediately remove with a cloth, use a small amount of water if needed. Make sure you get all the black off the tag other than the desired stamp outline.