Good Dog Tokens - Beef 100g



Each token contains 100% hormone free Australian Beef  with absolutely no additives, no preservatives, no sprays & no chemicals added.

Naturally low in fat & a high quality source of lean protein

  • Treats should make up to no more than 10% of your pooch’s daily calorie intake. Supervise your pooch when feeding them the treat for the first time. If your pooch is prone to tummy upset or has allergies, best to check with your vet prior to giving them a new treat.

    • Suitable for all dog breeds of all sizes:

      Up to 10kg = 2 to 3 treats / day
      Up to 30kg = 3 to 4 treats / day
      Over 30 kg = 4 to 5 treats / day

      This product is intended for occasional or supplemental feeding only. After all it is a treat!