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Our finest anti inflammatory meal booster for general health and joint wellbeing. Rosehip is a powerful antioxidant which is rich in vitamin C and a natural anti inflammatory, 100% pure and natural rosehip is known as natures best source of vitamin C.⠀

Rosehip is known for , protecting and rebuilding cartilage, immune system support, improving coat quality and the prevention of joint problems. It’s also a great supplement to give after exercise or those recovering from injury or surgery.⠀

Chondroitin is packed full of Glucosamine Sulphate, Protein & Calcium. Recent studies have shown that the combination of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin may be effective in slowing the breakdown of cartilage in the early stages of arthritis. Research has also shown that the combination may help in reducing moderate to severe pain for those with joint issues.⠀

Kangaroo - Roo meat is high in anti oxidants, highest level of Omega 3 vs lamb beef and pork treats. Roo also has a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal. Kangaroo is a lean protein containing typically only contains around 2% fat.⠀

NOTE: Use in pregnant and lactating dogs is not recommended. 


Why is kelp good for dogs?

Kelp can help maintain healthy skin and coat in dogs. Along with helping their coat shine.

Dogs with dry skin, skin allergies and hair loss can benefit from eating kelp

It may hold anti-cancer properties.

The iodine in Kelp helps in managing weight by improving their metabolism.


Why is Alfalfa good for dogs?

High in Antioxidants and Protein.

One of the best herbs for Arthritis.

High vitamin K content which is paramount for those on long term medication to assist with internal bleeding disorders.

Assists with UTI's - Alfalfa is helpful to the kidneys mostly because because of the alkalinizing effect, alfalfa is good for treating bladder irritation.


Why is Barley Grass good for dogs?

Stimulates healthy Digestion.

It's a natural detoxifier.

Packed full of vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, trace minerals and more. Which is everything a dog is looking for when it feels the need to eat grass.


Do not feed to pets with anemia or dogs with thyroid issues.

Intended for supplemental feeding only and is not considered veterinary medicine. 

Handmade and formulated.